“Get the right boat for your antique outboard collection!”

Welcome to Kruitz Kraft!

Hello, I'm Dan Kruitz an avid vintage boat enthusiast and antique outboard collector.  My goal with this site is to improve the antique boating experience by offering custom built outboard boats from vintage designs.  I also offer restoration services for vintage outboard boats and motors.

Classic Boat Designs from the 1920's-60's

If you're looking for something to mess about in, or something just right to showcase an antique outboard, I can build it.  I'm now open to a new boat project - if you're looking for that certain something in a boat and can't get it from an aluminum fishing punt, drop me a line, as I have many more plans than shown here.

Cocktail Class Racer - Skua

There's a fun new racer taking the nation by storm. I'm planning to build some, so please check my projects page for updates.

Why Wooden Boats?

"Wooden boats?  Aren't those the ones that rotted out long ago?"  In some cases yes, but did you know fiberglass boats rot out as well?  Modern technologies and updated construction techniques allow building wooden boats that will last longer than ever before.