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Welcome to my collection page! When I moved from Illinois to Texas, it forced me to bring my collection down to a more manageable and lighter size. I'm hoping to keep it in control for a while and do more actual work on the motors instead of just collecting them... :-)
Though I do love the chase!


The one that started it all. Just like Henry Ford, Ole Evinrude did not invent outboards, but he brought them to the masses. We are forever thankful for Beth's melted ice cream.

1924 Sportsman 2HP

Locked up, a future electrolysis project and hoping to keep it alive.  

1929 Fastwin 12HP

A real showpiece - my favorite looking motor!   photo1  photo2  photo3

1935 Sportsman

95% restored - awaiting decals. It was stuck, and my daughter really thinks it's cute and is taking an interest in it. Involve the youth in your hobby whenever you can! as found  almost done 

1936 Speediquad

Evinrude's big 31HP Four. Found in San Antonio bought from son of a fellow who cottage raced it on Lake Houston - complete with a box of props and a stuck speedometer. Motor is take the slow but steady restoration. as found 

1940 Zephyr 5.45HP

World's smallest production 4-cylinder outboard - found this one in Texas. Cleaning it up now.

1946 Speeditwin 22HP

Currently my favorite to run motor - on my Lonestar - check YouTube for "Speeditwin" and you may find my movie.
photo1 -- at play -- updated lower unit

1956 Fleetwin 7.5HP

This is a nice little twin, it needs a tuneup - currently earmarked for another Texan.


The Johnson Brothers - industrial and engineering wizards. They built and flew the first monoplane in the US, and made inboard marine engines before they got into outboards in 1922. They shook up the outboard world with their innovation.

1936 K-80 9.7HP

A nice motor, needs a little work should be a good runner. Here are some photos.


The new kid on the block. Carl Kiekhaefer was a demanding engineer who took a floundering Thor outboard company, moved them into an ex-dairy plant and forever changed outboarding.

1947 KE-4 7.5HP

Very likely the lowest numbered KE-4 in existance!
This has been confirmed as a rare Mercury Service Department motor. A motor that was pulled off the assembly line before any other service motors were sold. It was used for some unknown nefarious purpose no doubt. What's with the anti-cavitation plate? Even the Mercury experts are stumped, and although they have run across other Mercs with this same anti-cavitation plate design - they have no ideas why it was done. If you know why it's shaped like that, please let me know!
Photos: motor  anti-cav plate  serial#


An under appreciated maker from Galesburg, IL. Gale was OMC's (Evinrude/Johnson) maker of motors for house brands. ie. Montgomery Wards Sea King, Goodyear Sea Bee, Spiegle Brooklure, Gamble Hiawatha, and others. Good solid motors sold at discounted prices.

1945 Sea King 5HP

A nice running little motor I use for fishing - starts readily.